June Quote #4

Quote from June in the episode A Second Prodigy and the Hottest Tips for Pouty Lips

Mary: Sometimes I think George doesn't even see me. And it's not just him. My daughter's embarrassed of me, my boys think all I'm good for is food and clean clothes.
June: You start feeling like a ghost, right?
Mary: Yes.
June: I get it, I'm a mom.
Mary: [sighs] So did that feeling ever go away?
June: Yeah. I realized I was doing everything for everyone else, and I didn't have anything left for me. So, here we are.

June Quotes

Quote from June in the episode An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room

June: Whoa, and the '70s are back. All we need are the Bee Gees and bell-bottoms, and it's Studio 54.
George Jr.: I don't know what any of that means, but all right.
June: So, I guess your meemaw came over on our side.
George Jr.: No. She pissed me off, so now she gets a disco ball.
June: I don't want to get caught in the middle of a family squabble.
George Jr.: Oh, don't worry, she'll know it was me.
June: Then I love it.
George Jr.: Now, what's a Bee Gee?
June: It's a brother singing band. They did all the music for Saturday Night Fever.
George Jr.: What's Saturday Night Fever?
June: Damn, I'm old.

Quote from June in the episode An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room

June: Hey, y'all.
Meemaw: Hey, June. Glad you finally came down.
June: This is so fun, sneaking in through the back alley. [chuckles] Y'all should get a secret knock.
George Jr.: 'Cause secrets are fun, right?
June: Absolutely.
George Jr.: [to Meemaw] Told you.
Meemaw: Go do your job.
June: So, how's this all work?
Meemaw: You play, you lose, you go home smelling like cigarettes.
June: You just described my love life. [Meemaw laughs]

Quote from June in the episode An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel

Meemaw: I'm sorry, I'm just not comfortable with it.
June: You think I am? Last time he saw me naked, gravity was on my side.
Meemaw: Then why'd you ask him to do it?
June: Who else am I gonna ask, Connie?
Meemaw: You got tons of friends.
June: I've got acquaintances, I've got clients. Those aren't exactly people you want looking at your hernia scar.
Meemaw: And Dale is?
June: I got that hernia by dragging him onto the bed one night he came in passed-out drunk. Look, I'm sorry if I crossed the line, but you have nothing to worry about.
Meemaw: Okay.
June: Look, I promise, next time, I'll get the kid who mows my lawn to come over and hose me off in the backyard.
Meemaw: Call me. I'd be happy to hose you off in the backyard.

‘A Second Prodigy and the Hottest Tips for Pouty Lips’ Quotes

Quote from Adult Sheldon in the episode

Adult Sheldon: I've never been good at sharing. I had to share a womb...
Missy: [over ultrasound video] Ow.
Sheldon: [over ultrasound video] Ow.
["Rico Suave" by Gerardo playing over headphones]
Adult Sheldon: ...a bedroom...
Missy: ♪ Rico...♪
Adult Sheldon: Even my train room had Georgie's sweaty weight bench in it.
George Jr.: Come on, George. One more. Feel the burn, big boy. Feel the burn.
Adult Sheldon: But when it came to academics, the spotlight was all mine.
President Hagemeyer: Sheldon, having you here has been a real boon to this university.
Adult Sheldon: [spotlight shines on Sheldon] I did love basking in its glow.
President Hagemeyer: So we could really use your help in raising the school's profile even higher.
Sheldon: Of course. My intellect is at your service.
President Hagemeyer: Excellent. There is another young physics prodigy we want you to help us recruit. Her name is Paige Swanson. [electricity crackles]

Quote from Sheldon in the episode

Sheldon: But you don't need another child prodigy. You've already got me.
President Hagemeyer: And you have been... [scoffs] so great. Just imagine what it'd be like having two of you.
Sheldon: Well, why would you want two of me? I mean, I've heard even one of me is a lot to handle.
President Hagemeyer: Well, you're not afraid of a little competition, are you?
Sheldon: From Paige? Hardly. But I should warn you, she can be very difficult.
President Hagemeyer: Well, luckily I've had some practice with that lately.
Sheldon: And how do you handle it?
President Hagemeyer: Usually I, uh, play to their egos. You know, make them feel like the smartest person in the room.
Sheldon: And they fall for that?
President Hagemeyer: Well... [chuckles] not everyone's as smart as you, Sheldon.

Quote from Mary in the episode

Mary: Well, this time I'm actually gonna get a haircut. I had a little accident.
June: Uh-oh, what happened?
Mary: Well, I was sewing and got to daydreaming...
[flashback to Mary working on the sewing machine before she starts to fantasize:]
[fantasy: Missy, Georgie and George are wearing clothes Mary made:]
Missy: I love it. You can make all my clothes from now on.
George Jr.: I'm-a wear this to the prom.
George Sr.: I was wrong, honey, you really are good at this. Boy, am I dumb.
[sewing machine clacking]
Mary: George! George! Help!
George Sr.: What? What's the matter?
Mary: My hair got tangled in the machine.
George Sr.: So pull it out.
Mary: Don't you think I thought of that?!
George Sr.: Well, what do you want me to do? All right, don't move.
Mary: And here we are.
June: Okay. Let's get that hat off and see what we're dealing with.
Mary: I don't want to.
June: Oh, come on. I've been doing this a long time. I promise you I've seen worse. Oh... [chortles] That's not bad at all.