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  • Episode 321

    The Chicken Dance
    Lawrence Welk

    The Chicken Dance As Meemaw and Georgie egg Dale's store.

  • Episode 321

    Changed the Locks
    Lucinda Williams

    Changed the Locks Playing in the Sparks' chicken coop as Mary and Brenda talk.

  • Episode 321

    I've Seen Enough to Know
    The Mears Brothers

    I Playing on George's radio as he drives Sheldon to school.

  • Episode 321

    Chariots of Fire

    Chariots of Fire As a slice of hot dog rolls off the table and ends up under the fridge.

  • Episode 320

    Nothin' But a Good Time

    Nothin On the "no grandpa mix" tape Georgie plays at the store when Dale's away.

  • Episode 320

    Listen to the Music
    The Doobie Brothers

    Listen to the Music Playing in Dale's store as he asks Georgie to look after the place over the weekend.

  • Episode 319

    New Sensation

    New Sensation As Missy and Marcus hold hands, and she then runs all the way home to tell Meemaw.

  • Episode 319

    Spin Doctors

    House As Sheldon quizzes potential buyers at the open house.

  • Episode 318

    Youth Gone Wild
    Skid Row

    Youth Gone Wild When Georgie plays some music in the pick-up truck as he follows Jana.

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