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  • Episode 314

    Mabel Scott
    Baseball Boogie

    Mabel Scott As Missy steps up to bat and repeatedly strikes out.

  • Episode 313

    Anything You Can Do
    Annie Get Your Gun

    Anything You Can Do As Sheldon and Missy compete in the challenges they devised.

  • Episode 313

    Bad Moon Rising
    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Bad Moon Rising Playing while Dale, George and Georgie fish and Dr. Sturgis talks about his bait.

  • Episode 312

    Aretha Franklin

    Aretha Franklin As Missy dances around the kitchen with body glitter on her face.

  • Episode 312

    Illustrious Illustrated Man
    Illustrious Illustrated Men

    Illustrious Illustrated Man Playing when Mary, Sheldon, Missy and Paige arrive at the mall.

  • Episode 312

    Long Way Up

    Long Way Up Playing in Georgie's room as his dad comes to yell at him for not doing his chores.

  • Episode 312

    Judgement Day
    Burch Ray

    Judgement Day Playing as Mary drives Sheldon, Missy and Paige to the mall.

  • Episode 312

    Unskinny Bop

    Unskinny Bop As Georgie works out in the garage.

  • Episode 311

    A Little Less Conversation
    Elvis Presley

    A Little Less Conversation As Pastor Jeff and Officer Robin kiss during their wedding ceremony.

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