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  • Episode 215

    Shotgun Willie
    Willie Nelson

    Shotgun Willie Playing on Meemaw's car radio as Sheldon rants about Dr. Sturgis.

  • Episode 213

    Born To Be My Baby
    Bon Jovi

    Born To Be My Baby Georgie walks over to Veronica to hand her his love letter.

  • Episode 213

    End of the Line
    The Traveling Wilburys

    End of the Line Sheldon stands with the refrigerator door open, pondering whether to have pudding or Jell-O.

  • Episode 212

    Bad Reputation
    Joan Jett

    Bad Reputation Montage of Sheldon being rude to the hospital staff.

  • Episode 212

    You Be Illin'
    Run DMC

    You Be Illin Montage of Sheldon visiting the school nurse with ridiculous ailments.

  • Episode 211

    Take Me to the River
    Lynda Cart

    Take Me to the River As Pastor Jeff baptizes Veronica and Georgie.

  • Episode 210

    Dr. Jazz
    The Bonzo Dog Band

    Dr. Jazz Montage of Sheldon engaging in hi-jinks and practical jokes.

  • Episode 210

    Also Sprach Zarathustra
    Richard Strauss

    Also Sprach Zarathustra As Sheldon briefly attempts to play on the swing set.

  • Episode 209

    Crazy About Oklahoma
    Jimmy Reed

    Crazy About Oklahoma As George storms out of the house following his argument with Mary.

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