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  • Episode 508

    The Hustle
    Van McCoy

    The Hustle Pastor Jeff mentions he used to do the hustle "en la discoteca" when he'd sneak across the border as a teenager.

  • Episode 507

    Just Another Piece of Paper
    Glen Campbell

    Just Another Piece of Paper Plays over the montage of Professor Boucher ripping up Sheldon's work.

  • Episode 506

    I Wanna Sex You Up
    Color Me Badd

    I Wanna Sex You Up Mentioned by Pastor Jeff and then played over Mary's dream about Pastor Rob.

  • Episode 505

    See You See
    Lynden Arden

    See You See Plays as George returns home from talking to Billy Sparks about his rough week.

  • Episode 505

    Girls, Girls, Girls
    Motley Crue

    Girls, Girls, Girls Plays over Georgie's fantasy of girls at Meemaw's laundromat.

  • Episode 504

    All 4 Love
    Color Me Badd

    All 4 Love Missy plays the song loudly to annoy Sheldon who refuses to turn off his train sounds.

  • Episode 503

    The Chordettes

    Lollipop Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter sing the song while drinking on the park bench. Later, the song is played as Dr. Linkletter is woken up by a cop.

  • Episode 503

    All Out of Love
    Air Supply

    All Out of Love Dr. Sturgis sings along when the song is played in the grocery store as he talks to Sheldon.

  • Episode 502

    Bust a Move
    Young MC

    Bust a Move Plays on the TV after Georgie turns the TV over to Yo! MTV Raps.

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