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  • Episode 209

    Crazy About Oklahoma
    Jimmy Reed

    Crazy About Oklahoma As George storms out of the house following his argument with Mary.

  • Episode 209

    Take it on the Run
    REO Speedwagon

    Take it on the Run As George pulls onto the drive in a red Fiero.

  • Episode 208

    Unchained Melody
    The Righteous Brothers

    Unchained Melody Playing on the radio in the garage as Georgie fixes a tire.

  • Episode 206

    Ode to Joy
    London Symphony Orchestra & Josef Krips

    Ode to Joy When somebody finally recognizes Sheldon's Halloween costume as Carl Sagan.

  • Episode 206

    Sympathy for the Devil
    The Rolling Stones

    Sympathy for the Devil As Mary and Mr. Lundy prepare for the church's "Heck House".

  • Episode 205

    Got To Have Your Love

    Got To Have Your Love Georgie dancing along as he watches Soul Train.

  • Episode 205

    And She Was
    Talking Heads

    And She Was As Adult Sheldon talks about the differences between him and Missy despite their close bond.

  • Episode 204

    We Just Disagree
    Dave Mason

    We Just Disagree As George drives Sheldon to Tam's house for a sleepover, Sheldon tries to convince his father to be honest.

  • Episode 203

    I Eat Cannibals
    Toto Coelo

    I Eat Cannibals Georgie wants to get his learners permit.

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