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  • Episode 203

    I Eat Cannibals
    Toto Coelo

    I Eat Cannibals Georgie wants to get his learners permit.

  • Episode 203

    Spirit in the Sky
    Norman Greenbaum

    Spirit in the Sky Montage of Mary trying to regain her lost sense of faith with devout acts.

  • Episode 202

    Cracklin' Rosie
    Neil Diamond

    Cracklin As Meemaw drives Sheldon home, they discuss how he feels about his intellectual rival, Paige.

  • Episode 201

    Slow Ride

    Slow Ride As Sheldon delivers papers on his route.

  • Episode 122

    Lloyd Conger

    Drifter Playing during Meemaw and Ira's date at a steakhouse.

  • Episode 122

    Can't Take My Eyes Off You
    Frankie Valli

    Can As Meemaw's dinner with John Sturgiss is interrupted by phone calls from Ira and Sheldon.

  • Episode 121

    Higher Love
    Steve Winwood

    Higher Love Playing as Missy discusses her friends, both named Heather, with George at Red Lobster.

  • Episode 121

    Small Town
    John Mellencamp

    Small Town Playing as George and Missy arrive at Red Lobster.

  • Episode 120

    Ooh La La
    The Faces

    Ooh La La Montage of Sheldon's brief history with his pet fish, Fish.

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