Trang Nguyen Quotes

Quote from the episode Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers

Mary: Listen, are you aware that Tam and Sheldon are playing Dungeons & Dragons?
Le Nguyen: Dungeons & Dragons?
Mary: Yes, and it's filled with demons and satanic images.
Le Nguyen: [in Vietnamese] Please talk to the white woman. I'm very busy.
Trang Nguyen: [in Vietnamese] But I've got customers.
Le Nguyen: [in Vietnamese] Please, I ask you for so little.
Trang Nguyen: [in Vietnamese] And you give me so little.

Quote from the episode A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce

George Sr.: Uh, in case something comes up, just give us a holler. I mean, a call. If you hollered, we wouldn't hear you. [CHUCKLES] That-that was a joke.
Trang Nguyen: [FORCED] Ha-ha-ha!
George Sr.: Okay, buddy, have fun.