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518 - Babies, Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli

Aired Thursday, April 14, 2022
Babies, Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli

Sheldon is upset when his science-fiction hero Isaac Asimov dies. Meanwhile, Missy wants to earn some money babysitting, and Georgie realizes it's time to come clean about his situation.

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Episode Notes

  • Title Reference: "Babies" refers to George and Mandy's situation, "Lies" refers to Missy's accusation that Mary lied about her babysitting, and "a Resplendent Cannoli" refers to Dr. Linkletter's comment about an Italian restaurant in a voicemail to Meemaw.
  • Opening Credits Sequence: Sheldon is dressed in his normal clothes as a black cow with horns approaches the family.


Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Oh, I'm assuming you heard the bad news.
Mary: What news?
Sheldon: Isaac Asimov died.
Mary: Oh, no, is that one of your school friends?
Sheldon: What? No, he's one of the most prolific science fiction writers in the history of the genre.
George Sr.: Never heard of him.
Sheldon: Sure you have. He wrote I, Robot, the Foundation trilogy.
George Sr.: Nope.
Sheldon: Nightfall? The Posotronic Man?
George Sr.: You ever heard of this guy?
Mary: Mm-mm.
Sheldon: Caves of Steel. Hostess. The Naked Sun?
George Sr.: Whoever he is, sorry he died. Gotta go. Bye.
Mary: Bye.
Adult Sheldon: Astonishing. Asimov wrote almost 500 books, which was apparently 500 more than my family had read.

Quote from Dr. Linkletter

Sheldon: Can we get back to the book?
Dr. John Sturgis: Yes, Connie, I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on it.
Meemaw: I think I've said my piece.
Sheldon: I have some thoughts.
Dr. Linkletter: And we'll get to those in due time. Don't you think Asimov did a remarkable job of capturing the poetic terror of the coming darkness?
Meemaw: I'm not sure I got that.
Dr. Linkletter: Oh, listen to this. "Dusk, like a palpable entity, entered the room, and the dancing circle of yellow lights about the torches etched itself into ever-sharper distinction against the gathering grayness beyond." [Meemaw and John are silent]
Sheldon: Powerful.
Dr. Linkletter: Wasn't it?
[Meemaw shrugs her shoulders]

Quote from Dr. Linkletter

Dr. Linkletter: [on answer phone] Connie, Grant Linkletter. Wonderful seeing you tonight.
Meemaw: Yeah, yeah.
Dr. Linkletter: Hope you enjoyed our little book club. If you'd ever like to discuss it further, I know the perfect Italian café. The cannolis are resplendent.
Meemaw: Resplendent! [chuckles] [machine beeps]
Dr. John Sturgis: [on answer phone] Connie! John Sturgis here.
Meemaw: What a surprise.
Dr. John Sturgis: It was so nice to have you at our book club. When it comes to science fiction, those things can be real sausage parties. Anyhoo, if you're free next week, I was wondering if you'd like to... [Meemaw skips to the next message]
Dr. Linkletter: Grant Linkletter again. If you don't like Italian, I also know a sublime Vietnamese spot. Have you ever tried Bún Boò Hue? [machine beeps]
Dr. John Sturgis: I don't know why I said "sausage party." There was probably a better way to phrase that. [machine beeps]
Dr. Linkletter: Connie, Grant Linkletter...

Quote from George Sr.

Mary: What time are you home tonight?
George Sr.: Late. I'm working at Ballard's after practice again.
Mary: How long can you keep this up?
George Sr.: Uh, maybe I'll get fired from the high school and only have one job to worry about.
Mandy: I'm sorry.
George Sr.: Me, too.

Quote from Dale

George Jr.: Can I talk to you about something?
Dale: Come on, this is my coffee time.
George Jr.: It's more important than your coffee.
Dale: If I don't drink my coffee, I don't go to the bathroom. That's important.
George Jr.: That girl I was seeing is pregnant.
Dale: You win. Sit.

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Episode Trivia

  • What month did Georgie say his birthday was in?
    • January
    • May
    • March
    • July
  • What movie did Missy suggest Pastor Jeff go see?
    • Alladin
    • The Mighty Ducks
    • Blinky Bill
    • Beethoven

Episode Recap

In Mandy’s apartment, Georgie is still reeling from Mandy’s announcement that she’s pregnant. When Georgie asks if she’s sure, Mandy shows him the pregnancy test she took. After Georgie points out they’re not always accurate, Mandy holds up another pregnancy test she took earlier. Georgie admits two tests is pretty convincing, but three… Mandy is clear she’s pregnant, so Georgie wonders what they do now. Mandy doesn’t know either, saying she’s never been knocked up by a 17-year-old before. Georgie says if it helps, he turns 18 in March.

As George gets ready to leave the house in the morning, Mary asks when he’ll be back. George explains he’ll be late again, saying he’s working a shift at Dale’s sporting goods store after football practice. After Mary asks how long he can keep this up, George jokes that when he gets fired from the high school he’ll only have one job to worry about. When Sheldon walks into the kitchen, he assumes his parents have already heard the sad news. Isaac Asimov has died. Mary wonders if that’s one of his friends from school. No, Sheldon explains, he’s one of the most prolific science fiction writers in the history of the genre. George has never heard of him. As Sheldon reels off some of Asimov’s many titles, George is still drawing a blank. George asks Mary if she’s heard of the guy, but she shakes her head. Whoever he is, George says he’s sorry he died, but he has to go. Adult Sheldon says it was astonishing: Asimov wrote almost 500 books, which is apparently 500 more than his family had read.

When Georgie goes to Dale’s office and asks if they can talk, Dale points out this is his coffee time. Georgie insists it’s important. Dale explains that without his coffee, he doesn’t go to the bathroom. Georgie reveals the girl he’s seeing is pregnant. “You win”, Dale says, as he tells Georgie to take a seat. After Georgie says his parents are going to kill him, Dale can’t believe he hasn’t told them yet. Georgie admits Dale is the first person he told. “Oh, no, I don’t want that.”, Dale says. After Georgie asks for help, Dale asks him if he’s sure it’s his kid. Georgie says yes since they’ve been sleeping together, but Dale points out that doesn’t prove it’s his kid. Georgie gets his point and cheerfully wonders if Mandy has been cheating on him. “We can only hope.”, Dale says.

As Meemaw drives Sheldon to college in her new car, Sheldon asks his grandmother how she’s holding up. With what? Isaac Asimov’s death. After Meemaw wonders who that is, Sheldon reminds her that Isaac Asimov was her late husband’s favorite science fiction writer. Meemaw tells Sheldon that at this rate, he’s lucky she remembers Pop Pop. Sheldon says his grandfather gave him Asimov’s Foundation trilogy when he was five. Meemaw remembers him trying to get her to read those books. Boring! Sheldon disagrees, saying Asimov invented the laws of robotics and the concept of a galactic empire. Meemaw won’t read a book unless there’s a shirtless man with long hair on the cover. When Meemaw points out he’s not said anything about her new car, Sheldon responds “Oh. I hate it.”.

As Mary drives Missy to school, Missy asks her mother if she thinks Pastor Jeff would let her babysit his kid. Mary doesn’t know, the baby’s not even a year old yet. Missy mentions that her friend Heather M. got ten bucks for babysitting, and all she did was sit and watch TV while her cousin slept. Mary insists it’s not always easy taking care of babies, but Missy argues they lay there like a lump. How hard can it be? After Missy asks her mom if she’ll just ask, Mary says she doesn’t think Missy would like it. Missy gasps as she realizes her mother doesn’t think she’s responsible enough. Mary insists all she said was she didn’t think she’s gonna like it. Missy points out she doesn’t like homework, but she does it anyway. Mary has seen Missy’s homework, and wonders if that’s how she’s gonna take care of a baby. Missy insists that math is harder than babies.

In the lab, Dr. Sturgis is surprised by Sheldon’s muted response to his new idea for their project. Sheldon apologizes, saying they lost a great man today and nobody seems to care. Dr. Linkletter knows immediately Sheldon’s talking about Asimov. Grant mentions he told three people the news today, and you know their response? “Who’s that?”, Sheldon figures. Exactly, Dr. Linkletter says, asking what’s wrong with the world. As Sheldon and Dr. Linkletter quote lines from Asimov’s books, John admits that he isn’t familiar with Asimov’s work. After Sheldon suggests they start a book club, John is free as his social schedule is “astonishingly open”. Grant thinks it would be a great way to honor Asimov’s life. Sheldon tells them it’ll be like his mother’s bible study group, except they know the characters aren’t real.

When Georgie stops by Mandy’s apartment to talk to her, he admits he was a little freaked out the last time he was there. Mandy says he should be. Georgie says he’s had some time to think, and there’s something he needs to ask her. Is she sure the baby’s his? Later, Georgie is in Dale’s office again, where he tells his former boss that Mandy did not like that question.

Georgie wonders what he’s going to do now he knows the baby’s his and Mandy’s planning on keeping it. Dale hopes Georgie enjoyed being young and carefree, because that ship has sailed. Georgie stands up and declares he knows what he needs to do. He’s going to do the right thing and marry her. Dale tries to calm Georgie down, arguing there’s no need for anyone to get married. Georgie points out that’s what his father did after he and Mary got pregnant. Dale insists rushing into marriage with someone you barely know is a bad idea. After Georgie suggests they could be happy together, Dale asks how Mandy feels about him right now? “Pissed. But she's pregnant, so it's probably just chick hormones.”, Georgie tells him. Dale suggests Georgie tell Mandy that and see what happens.

As Georgie walks out of Dale’s office, George asks what he’s doing there. Georgie says he needed to talk to Dale. George wonders if his son’s alright, saying he looks like he saw a ghost. Georgie insists he’s good. George tells his son if he ever needs to talk, he’s around. Georgie admits he got a girl pregnant. A furious George picks up Dale’s cash register and slams it through a glass display case, before tearing his own shirt off in a rage. Georgie snaps out of his daydream when George repeats that if he ever wants to talk, he’s there for him. Georgie thanks his dad and makes a quick exit.

As Meemaw drives Sheldon home from the university, he tells her that he’s forming an Isaac Asimov book club with Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis. After Meemaw says that’s nice, Sheldon’s glad she thinks so because she should join. Meemaw thinks not. When Sheldon points out three smart people will be there to explain things that go over her head, Meemaw threatens to bonk him over his head. After Sheldon suggests starting with a short story, Meemaw wonders why it’s so important to him that she reads this. Sheldon says it’s probably because his grandfather died before they had a chance to talk about the books he gave him. After Sheldon says Nightfall is only thirty pages, Meemaw reluctantly agrees to join the club. Excellent, Sheldon says, as he asks what changed her mind. “Because you made me feel bad about my dead husband”, Meemaw tells him.

At home, Missy phones Pastor Jeff, who wonders what he can do for her. Missy says the phone call is about what she can do for him. Missy asks if he and his wife would like a night away from their baby? Maybe see a movie. Missy hears that Beethoven’s good. When Pastor Jeff asks if she’s offering to babysit, Missy confirms she is. Pastor Jeff reveals he asked Mary about this a while back, but she said Missy wasn’t interested. Missy tells Pastor Jeff her mother was wrong, and agrees to babysit this Friday.

As Dale puts pricing labels on the goods at the store, George mentions he saw Georgie stop by earlier. Dale says Georgie does that once in a while. George didn’t realize they were so close. Dale wouldn’t say they’re close. Georgie might say that, but he wouldn’t. After George asks what his son came by for. Just to chat, Dale says. A slighted George says it’s nice that Georgie feels comfortable talking to someone. “Instead of his own father”, George adds. Dale tells George he’s sure Georgie will talk to him. As George thanks him for that and walks off, Dale says to himself “And you're not gonna like it.”

In the Coopers’ kitchen, Missy comes to see if she can ask her mother a Bible question. Always. After Missy asks if lying is a sin, Mary says it sure is, citing Proverbs 12:12. Missy inquires if it says anything about lying to your pastor. Did she lie to Pastor Jeff? No, Missy tells her mother, but you did. Missy says Mary told Pastor Jeff she wasn’t interested in babysitting. Mary argues she told Jeff she didn’t think Missy was interested, which wasn’t technically a lie. After Missy asks why her mother doesn’t trust her, Mary points out Missy never remembers to take out the trash. Missy says she does remember, she just doesn't do it. After Missy mentions that Pastor Jeff hired her to babysit this Friday, Mary tells her she’ll be right next door if she needs anything. Missy insists she’ll be fine. And to prove it, Missy goes to the trash can and offers to take it out. After Mary explains she just put that bag in, Missy says there’s no pleasing her.

That night, as Meemaw reads Nightfall, Adult Sheldon admits he was envious of his meemaw. She would get to experience one of his favorite stories for the very first time. As Meemaw reads a line from the book, she exclaims “What?”.

When the book club meets in a room at the university, Sheldon checks if everyone has read the book. Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter both confirm they did. Meemaw says she read it. She might have dozed off a few times, but she read it. As Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter talk about the sci-fi story, Meemaw’s opinion is “Eh…” Meemaw says she doesn’t need a story set on some outer space planet to tell her that people freak out about change. Interesting, says Linkletter. “People lost it when women started wearing pants and getting jobs. Everybody just overreacts to everything.” Sheldon wonders if this is because Dale broke up with her. Meemaw’s two former flames, Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis are surprised to hear the news. Although they both tell her it’s terrible, Meemaw insists she’s over the break-up, which is pleasing news to both the men. “Look at the four of us talking about Isaac Asimov!”, Sheldon marvels.

Back in the book club, Dr. Linkletter tells Meemaw he was rude not to offer her a drink. “Soda, water, Snapple?” Meemaw insists she’s fine, but Dr. Sturgis says he’d take a Snapple. Linkletter tells John he knows where the fridge is. After Sheldon asks if they can get back to the book, John wonders if Meemaw has any more thoughts. Meemaw thinks she’s said her piece. After Sheldon says he has some thoughts, Dr. Linkletter tells him they’ll get to those in due time. Grant turns back to Meemaw to ask what she thought about Asimov’s “poetic terror”? Meemaw’s not sure she got that, so Dr. Linkletter gives a dramatic reading of one of the lines. Meemaw is silent, but Sheldon describes it as “powerful”. “Wasn't it?”, Grant asks Meemaw, who just shrugs her shoulders.

As Mary makes her bed, Missy tells her she’s going to Pastor Jeff’s. Mary tells her to phone if she needs anything. As Missy heads off, Mary says she was thinking it might be fun to bring the baby here. To a house that isn’t baby proofed? That seems irresponsible, Missy says.

Out in the garage, Georgie answers a phone call from Dale, who says Georgie has got to tell his dad. Georgie insists he will, eventually, he just needs more time to figure things out. Dale mentions that George has been sniffing around, asking questions like why Georgie is talking to him instead of his dad. Georgie wonders why his dad cares, but Dale explains that George’s feelings are hurt. Georgie says that’s weird. Dale agrees, admitting talking to Georgie isn’t great. When George comes into Dale’s office to ask for a hand with something, a nervous Dale says “Oh, gotta go. I love you, Mom. Bye-bye.” before putting the phone down. George is surprised that Dale's mother’s still alive.

Back at the book club, after Dr. Sturgis gives a dramatic reading of his favorite line, Sheldon is impressed even if no one else is. When Sheldon says it’s time to recite his favorite line, Meemaw says she’s “all Asimov’d out” and wants to hit the road. Sheldon is fine with that, saying they can start the next meaning with it. When Dr. Linkletter tells Meemaw he could bake some cookies for the next meeting, claiming he’s handy in the kitchen, Dr. Sturgis tells Meemaw he’s had the cookies and they’re very dry.

As Mary knits on the couch, Georgie comes in and asks if his dad’s around. Mary says he’s still at work, and wonders if there’s anything she can help with? No, Georgie says, he just needs to talk to his dad. When Missy returns home with a horribly soiled top and messed up hair, she insists she’s never doing that again. After Georgie asks what’s going on, Mary explains that Missy just babysat for the first time. And the last time, Missy declares. Georgie is sure it wasn’t that bad, but Missy points to the various stains on her clothes, identifying one as “you don’t want to know.” Missy tells her mother she was so right. As Missy heads off to get a shower and a bath, she says “Never again!” Mary looks at an uneasy Georgie and asks if he’s okay. “Uh-huh”, he meekly says.

As Meemaw drives Sheldon home, he hopes she enjoyed book club as much as he did. Not really. Meemaw says once “Frick and Frack” found out she was single, things got all weird. Sheldon thought all they did was discuss Asimov. Meemaw sarcastically says maybe she misread the situation. Back at the university, Dr. Linkletter tells John he can’t believe he used the book club to hit on Connie. “And you didn't, Captain Cookies?”, Sturgis asks. Dr. Linkletter thinks they need to set out ground rules if they’re both going to be courting Connie. Fair enough, John says.

Back in the car, Meemaw admits hearing the guys go on about the book did remind her of Pop Pop. When Sheldon wonders what he used to say, Meemaw doesn’t remember exactly, but she says he used to get excited like them. Elsewhere, Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis discuss the “ground rules”. Linkletter proposes no bad mouthing each other to gain favor with Connie. John doesn’t want this to affect their working relationship, but Grant points out their working relationship is already antagonistic. Linkletter says no using Sheldon to win points with Connie. John’s disappointed as Sheldon likes him better than he does Linkletter, but Grant admits that’s why he brought it up.

After arriving home, Meemaw finds messages on her answer phone from Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgis. Linkletter says it was great seeing her tonight and he hopes she enjoyed our little book club. Grant says if she’d like to discuss it further, he knows the perfect Italian café. “The cannolis are resplendent.” Next, Dr. Sturgis says it was so nice to have her at the book club. “When it comes to science fiction, those things can be real sausage parties.” John says if she’s free next week, he was wondering if- Meemaw skips to the next message from Dr. Linkletter, who says he also knows a sublime Vietnamese restaurant if she doesn’t like Italian. In the next message, John apologizes for saying “sausage party”. Another message from Dr. Linkletter follows…

George goes out to the garage, saying Mary told him that Georgie wanted to see him. After Georgie invites his father in, George asks what’s going on. Georgie says it’s kind of hard to talk about. George insists whatever it is, he’s there for him. Georgie admits he got a girl pregnant.

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