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512 - A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance

Aired Thursday, January 20, 2022
A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance

As Sheldon looks for a way to break loose during spring break, he discovers a comic book convention. Meanwhile, Mary is recruited by Mr. Lundy (Jason Alexander) to start selling makeup.

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Episode Notes

  • Title Reference: "A Pink Cadillac" refers to Mr. Lundy's car which inspired Mary to start selling make-up, and "a Glorious Tribal Dance" refers to Adult Sheldon's description of the heated debate on the bus to the comic book convention.
  • Opening Credits Sequence: Sheldon is dressed in his normal clothes as a black cow with horns approaches the family.
  • Sheldon is outraged when Nathan describes Wesley Crusher as "the worst" during their debate about the best Star TrekWil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher, played a fictionalized version of himself in 17 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, starting off as Sheldon's mortal-enemy but eventually becoming one of his close friends.
  • Sheldon dressed in a Spock costume when he and his friends visited a renaissance fair in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. [202]
  • Sheldon would meet Brent Spiner, who played Data on Star Trek: The Next Generation, in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon also dressed as Data when the guys headed to a comic book convention in Bakersfield in a later episode. [505, 613]
  • Steve Burns, who plays Sheldon's comic book acquaintance Nathan, performs Young Sheldon's opening theme song, "Mighty Little Man".


Quote from Mr. Givens

Nathan: Hey, you made it. [Star Trek salute]
Sheldon: It would have been illogical not to.
Nathan: [deep voice] Well, you're going to have a blast.
Sheldon: I know this is un-Spock-like, but I can't stop smiling.
Mr. Givens: [climbs aboard] [British accent] There you are, dear sir. Let's get this pusillanimous bucket of nuts and bolts on the road. [applause and cheering] We have a comic-con to get to!
Sheldon: Mr. Givens?
Mr. Givens: Oh, the pain.

Quote from Ms. Hutchins

Ms. Hutchins: I don't know.
Mary: Trust me, the men are gonna be lining up.
Ms. Hutchins: Well, they haven't been so far, and I've been basically giving it away.
Mary: That's your business really.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Mom, I know what I want to do for spring break. What happened to your face?
Mr. Lundy: Told you, people take notice.
Mary: This is for my new job.
Sheldon: Is your new job fighting Batman? Because you look like The Joker.

Quote from Mary

George Sr.: Sales is a tough racket, Mare.
George Jr.: Yeah. It ain't as easy as I make it look.
Mary: Well, I think I'd be good at it.
George Jr.: You sure? Sometimes you got to do a little fibbin'.
Mary: I would do it without that.
George Jr.: And you got to have people skills.
Mary: I have people skills.
George Jr.: Do you?
Mary: I'd like to throw my dinner roll at your head right now, but you don't see me doing it.

Quote from Sheldon

Mary: I'm not buying it. I'm thinking about selling it.
George Sr.: You?
Mary: Yes, me. Wouldn't hurt to have extra money.
Sheldon: But you already have two jobs... church and mom.
Mary: Well, that second one doesn't pay much.
Sheldon: I do your taxes. The first one doesn't either.

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Featured Music

  • Nobody But Me
    Human Beinz

    Nobody But Me Plays over the montage of Sheldon trying to find an adult to accompany him to the convention, and Mary trying to sell makeup.

  • Bad to the Bone
    George Thorogood & The Destroyers

    Bad to the Bone Plays as Mr. Lundy pulls into the mall parking lot in his pink Cadillac with the vanity plate "MR MKUP".

Episode Trivia

  • Mr. Givens was dressed as a character from which classic sci-fi series?
    • Doctor Who
    • Space: 1999
    • Lost in Space
    • The Outer Limits

Episode Recap

Adult Sheldon talks about the status symbols in Texas that indicate you are a success: a rodeo champion belt buckle, a pair of Ostrich skin leather boots, and finally a pink Cadillac driven by an elite Mary Kay seller. When Mary sees Mr. Lundy step out of a pink Cadillac, she can’t help but notice what he’s driving. After Mary asks if he’s selling Mary Kay, Gene says he has a knack for cosmetology because of his theater background. Although Mary figures he must sell a lot of makeup, Gene explains that these days he manages his own hand-picked team. When he asks her if she ever sells, Mary says no. He feigns disbelief that an attractive young woman like her doesn’t sell. Mr. Lundy gives her his card in case she ever wants to talk. Maybe one day she’ll be driving a pink Cadillac.

In Dr. Linkletter’s office, Sheldon remarks that it’s just days until spring break. After Linkletter says he’s counting the days, Sheldon asks if he’s reserved the lab yet. When Linkletter wonders why he would do that, Sheldon says without the distraction of class they could really buckle down and get some work done. Linkletter tells Sheldon he won’t be there because this is his break, too. After Sheldon asks where he’s going, Linkletter doesn’t want to tell him because he is expecting to be happy over spring break and he wants it to stay that way. Linkletter tells Sheldon he should be taking spring break as well now that he’s in college. After Sheldon questions what he would do, Linkletter says usually the students congregate with their peers and make bad decisions, but since Sheldon is just a kid, maybe a game of Duck Duck Goose.

Back home, as Sheldon researches how to spend his first collegiate spring break, Missy is watching MTV Spring Break. Sheldon wonders if the partying students are screaming for help, but Missy explains they’re just having fun. They were stuck in school all year and now they’re going wild. Clearly, Sheldon says, noting he doesn’t see a single life guard on the beach. Missy tells him he doesn’t have to go to the beach, he just needs to find something to do beside school. Sheldon concedes there is research indicating that taking breaks refreshes the mind and boosts brain function. Good, Missy says, because the minute she’s old enough, that’s going to be her on the beach.

At the dinner table that night, Mary mentions she ran into Mr. Lundy. After Missy describes him as a weird drama teacher, Sheldon mentions all of his other jobs. Mary explains that Gene is now selling makeup and has the pink Cadillac to show for it. George is surprised when Mary expresses an interest in selling makeup. Georgie argues sales is not as easy as he makes it look. Mary thinks she can do it, but Georgie points out his mother may have to fib. Mary insists she’ll do it without lying. When Georgie mentions you have to have people skills, Mary insists she does but her son still isn’t sure. Mary points out she’d like to throw a dinner roll at Georgie’s head, but you don't see her doing it.

Adult Sheldon explains he was following his sister’s advice to go wild… by taking a walk outside. As Sheldon walks by the comic book store, he can’t believe his eyes when he sees a poster promoting Texarkana-Con, a whole convention dedicated to comic books, science fiction and fantasy. Nathan notices Sheldon admiring the poster and says the event looks pretty cool. When Sheldon agrees and asks Nathan if he’s going, Nathan says he’s hoping to; he’s even quit his job for it. Well, quit his job search. Sheldon says he just found his spring break.

When Mr. Lundy joins Mary in the dining room, she thanks him for finding the time to talk to her. Mary admits she doesn’t usually wear much makeup so she’s a little out of her depth. That brings them to lesson number 1, Gene says: confidence. Are you confident? No, Mary says. He knew that, saying that’s gonna be their little secret because just like this full-coverage concealer for all skin types, they’re going to cover it up. Gene says before they go on, he’s going to have to ask for a check for the sample kit and start-up accessories. Mary is taken aback, thinking it was like Girl Scout cookies where she’d collect the orders and customers would pay for it later. “Do you see Thin Mints in this case?”, Mr. Lundy asks her. No, Mary admits. He says this is a serious business and if she’s not serious… Mary insists she is, but admits George isn’t totally on board and won’t be happy with her putting up money. Gene says that’s fair, having to ask her husband for permission. It reminds him of a simpler time when men made the decisions and women made the beds. Mary is spurred to action and walks off to get her checkbook.

After Mary returns with the check, Mr. Lundy wants to test out her sales patter. As soon as Mary says hi, Gene stops her to say there’s a problem: her face. It’s her number one sales tool, so she should be wearing the product. Mary is wearing makeup, she just thinks the best makeup is one nobody notices. Gene argues her face is her billboard and he’s just driving right by. After Mary agrees to put on a little more make up, Mr. Lundy hands her a vibrant red lipstick. He tells Mary she is not just selling makeup. She is selling power, confidence, and that starts right here.

When Sheldon returns home, he wonders what his mother’s done to her face. It’s for her new job, Mary explains. Sheldon asks if she’s fighting Batman, because she looks like the Joker. After Mary wonders what he wants, Sheldon asks if he can take a four-and-a-half-hour bus ride to Texarkana for the convention? By himself? Absolutely not, Mary says. Sheldon asks if his mom can come with him, but Mary says no. What if he gets an adult to take him? After Mary says “maybe”, Sheldon looks over to Mr. Lundy… No, he says. Sheldon points out they could sell makeup at the convention. Mr. Lundy tells Sheldon to read his moisturized lips. No.

Montage: Sheldon asks Georgie if he wants to go to the convention. When Georgie questions whether there will be girls there, Sheldon walks away without answering. When Mary tries to sell Brenda Sparks some concealer, Brenda insists it’s just allergies and wonders if it looks like she’s been crying? Sheldon tells his father the best news is the convention is only a four-and-a-half-hour bus ride away. George can’t believe Sheldon wants him to ride on a bus for hours with a bunch of kids on their way to a convention. Sheldon points out it’s mostly adults, and many are in costume. No. After Mary watches Peg apply makeup, Mary says she looks great and asks if she’s ready to buy. No, Peg says, but she’s ready to hit the dog track. Back home, Sheldon is on the phone and says since they’re both off for spring break, he thought she’d want to go with him. Hagemeyer says no. Over at Meemaw’s, she says no to Mary and asks Sheldon what he wants. When Sheldon explains he needs a ride to the comic convention, Meemaw laughs and says God no.

As Ms. Hutchins tries out the makeup, she tells Mary she isn’t sure. After Mary tells Sheryl the men will be lining up, Ms. Hutchins admits they haven’t been so she’s been basically giving it away. Mary tells Sheryl she’s not just selling makeup, she’s selling confidence. Is she a strong, confident woman? Not remotely, Sheryl says. Does she want to be? Ms. Hutchins offers an unconvincing “I guess”. After Sheryl applies the lipstick, Mary asks if she’s a strong, confident woman? Sure, Ms. Hutchins says weakly. Mary tells her to say it like she means it. After Ms. Hutchins gives a somewhat more resounding yes, Mary asks if she can put her down for a starter kit? Fine.

As Mr. Lundy joins Mary in her kitchen, they toast her first sale. Gene insists he had a feeling about her, claiming she’ll be driving a pink Cadillac before long. Mary wonders where she goes from here, admitting she’s basically talked to everyone she knows. He says new faces are the lifeblood of this business and mentions that Mary runs a bible study group. Mary isn’t sure she’d be comfortable trying to sell makeup in a religious setting. Gene argues if God didn’t want people to wear makeup, he’d have made them less ugly. After he goes on to mention Mary having a daughter, Mary points out Missy’s not even a teenager yet. Mr. Lundy says that’s when it starts. Would she rather Missy was borrowing makeup from friends, passing it back and forth? He says forget about the pink Cadillac, now you’re talking pink eye.

As Sheldon watches TV, he sees a commercial for the Texarkana-Con. The commercial repeatedly plays a clip of Captain Kirk shouting “Khan!”, after each mention of Texarkana, before adding that William Shatner is not appearing at the event. Talking to himself, Sheldon says William Shatner may not be appearing, but Sheldon Cooper is.

As Sheldon gets ready to leave the house, Adult Sheldon explains he was usually a rule follower, not a rule breaker, but one of the rules of spring break is to cut loose and break rules. As he reaches the kitchen, Sheldon tells his parents he’s heading out. After Mary asks where he’s going, Sheldon pauses for a moment before saying he’s off to see his comic book friends. George is heading out in a few and wonders if Sheldon wants a ride. Sheldon says he’s taking his bike. As Adult Sheldon adds “All the way to the bus station”, Sheldon smirks. George wonders if there’s something funny. Losing the smirk, Sheldon it’s not funny, just normal. “Smooth”, Adult Sheldon says.

After Sheldon parks his bike outside the bus station, he walks inside, only to emerge dressed as Spock and holding a bus ticket. He boards the bus to Texarkana, where he runs into Nathan, dressed in a red Starfleet costume. Sheldon knows it’s not Spock-like behavior, but he can’t help smiling. The passengers cheer as a man climbs aboard and talks in a posh English accent. Sheldon is stunned to realize it’s his former teacher Mr. Givens. “Oh, the pain.”, Mr. Givens remarks.

As Mary’s bible study group meets in her living room, she explains they’re going to be reading from the Book of Esther today. After Mary recites a verse which mentions a woman’s makeup regime, Mary asks if they knew cosmetics were mentioned in the bible. After Betty points out the next verse talks about the woman being a concubine, Mary tells her not to skip ahead as they’re still talking cosmetics. Mary mentions that Esther used her beauty to stop a genocide. Sometimes she thinks they forget how powerful beauty can be, but she sure feels powerful wearing this new line of Mary Kay cosmetics.

Back on the bus, Nathan asks Sheldon how he knows Dr. Smith over there. Sheldon says that’s not Dr. Smith, it’s his high school science teacher Mr. Givens. Nathan explains he’s dressed as Dr. Smith from Lost in Space. After Sheldon admits he’s never seen it, Nathan says it was just a dumb kids’ show. Mr. Givens takes offense, saying without Lost in Space there would be no Star Trek. The passengers on the bus enjoy the back and forth. When Nathan claims Lost in Space stole its robot from Forbidden Planet, it gets a big response. Sheldon figures that was a good dig. As Mr. Givens points out Lost in Space beat Star Trek in the ratings, Nathan points out nobody has bothered to remake it. Sheldon bolsters Nathan’s argument by adding they’re making new movies and TV series about Star Trek. But when Nathan says Next Generation is better than the original, Sheldon is rendered speechless. Mr. Givens tells them that Lost in Space brought him hours of happiness as a child, calls them jerks.

Back home, Mary tells Ann that Esther would be proud. She now has a face that would stop the spilling of blood. Mary offers to throw in a spring palette if she buys the starter package today. After she agrees to buy the cosmetics, Mary says “praise the lord”.

On the bus, Sheldon and Nathan are still arguing over which Star Trek is the best. Sheldon claims Mr. Data is just a Spock ripoff, but Nathan hits back that Data wants to be more human while Spock wants to be less. Sheldon argues Kirk is clearly the better captain and Shatner the better actor. Nathan retorts that Patrick Stewart is classically trained, but Sheldon says he’s too subtle. When Shatner plays an emotion, even his shoe can tell. Mr. Givens tries to interject with an argument for Lost in Space, but nobody shows any interest. Nathan is willing to admit Wesley Crusher is the worst, but Sheldon argues Welsey is the best part of the show. He’s an annoying-know-it-all, Nathan says. That’s what makes him lovable, says Sheldon. Adult Sheldon explains it was the best spring break he ever had. Until his parents realized he was missing and he experienced something worse than the wrath of Khan: the wrath of Dad.

That night, as Mary sleeps, she dreams she’s in the bathroom trying to remove her makeup. Unfortunately, her reflection in the cabinet mirror shows otherwise. Reflection Mary asks if she thinks she can just wash the makeup away, arguing exploiting her bible study group was just the beginning. Mary insists she wouldn’t call it that, but her reflection says it’ll be their little secret. Reflection Mary asks where they are with Missy. As Mary says to leave Missy alone, a makeup-wearing Missy appears in the mirror and says she can’t get out. As Mary opens the medicine cabinet, Mr. Lundy appears inside shouting at her that she should be selling cosmetics, not sleeping. After Mary wakes up in bed, Adult Sheldon explains his mother never sold makeup again.

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