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511 - A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

Aired Thursday, January 13, 2022
A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

Mary, Sheldon and Missy spend the night at a youth lock-in at the church. Meanwhile, Georgie meets an older woman, Mandy (Emily Osment), at the laundromat.

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Episode Notes

  • Title Reference: "A Lock-In" refers to the activity Pastor Rob organizes at the church, "a Weather Girl" refers to Georgie meeting Mandy, and "a Disgusting Habit" refers to Pastor Rob's comments about smoking.
  • Opening Credits Sequence: Sheldon is dressed in his normal clothes as a black cow with horns approaches the family.
  • As Sheldon watches Star Trek: The Next Generation, he tries to tell Missy about the similarities he sees between Wesley Crusher and himself. Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher, played a fictionalized version of himself in 17 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, starting off as Sheldon's mortal-enemy but eventually becoming one of his close friends.


Quote from George Jr.

George Jr.: You know one of the best things about working here? I always smell like dryer sheets.
Mandy: Is that a good thing?
George Jr.: Compared to how I used to smell, yeah.

Quote from Billy Sparks

Billy Sparks: I've seen this before. They're big now, but they're gonna get small.
Missy: Yeah. It's called Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.
Billy Sparks: [whispers] If you get scared, I'm here.
Missy: Terrific.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Wil Wheaton plays Wesley Crusher. He's a child prodigy who's very young to be on the bridge of a Galaxy-class starship.
Missy: Okay.
Sheldon: But he's so intelligent that most people come to rely on him.
Missy: Okay.
Sheldon: Sounds kind of familiar, huh?
Missy: Okay.

Quote from Mandy

George Jr.: Need a hand?
Mandy: This thing ate my quarters, and now it's stuck.
George Jr.: That tends to happen with number seven. What you want to do is a push-pull.
Mandy: And here I was just pushing like a damn fool. [chuckles]

Quote from George Jr.

George Jr.: I ain't seen you in here before.
Mandy: Oh, I just moved back from San Antonio.
George Jr.: Oh, big city girl.
Mandy: Well, now I'm "living back with my parents" girl.
George Jr.: That's all right. I lived with my folks not too long ago.
Mandy: Isn't it weird? Whenever you live at home, no matter how old you are, you feel like a teenager.
George Jr.: It did feel that way.

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Featured Music

  • Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
    Crystal Gayle

    Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Plays on the bar in the bowling alley when George and Principal Petersen grab a drink.

  • Pride and Joy
    Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Pride and Joy Plays on the radio as George drives home from the bar and decides to stop off at the church to see Mary.

Episode Trivia

  • Which city did Mandy say she just moved back from?
    • Houston
    • Austin
    • San Antonio
    • Dallas
  • Which TV show was Principal Petersen watching when George called him?
    • The Golden Girls
    • Cheers
    • Murder, She Wrote
    • Home Improvement

Episode Recap

At the church, Pastor Rob goes to ask Mary if they’ve ever done a youth lock-in. Mary says whenever they talk to Jeff about it he always shoots them down. Pastor Rob argues kids love sleepovers and it would help show the church can be fun. After Rob says he’ll talk to Pastor Jeff, Mary says don’t say I didn’t warn you. When Rob and Mary join Pastor Jeff in his office, Jeff says he loves the idea. Mary points out he always says no, but Jeff says that was before he had a kid, so now a night away from home sounds like magic. Pastor Rob unnerves Mary by asking if she’d want to be a chaperone with him. After Mary says she doesn’t know, Rob claims it will be fun. After Pastor Jeff jokingly chides Mary by saying don’t be a “lame-o”, Mary insists she’s a “fun-o” and tells Rob she’s in.

As a young woman struggles to get her coins out of the machine at the laundromat, Georgie asks if she needs any help. After Georgie tells her how to get her coins back from the machine, he says he’s not seen her there before. Mandy explains she’s just moved back from San Antonio. “Oh, big city girl”, Georgie says. Mandy says now she’s a “living back with her parents” girl. Georgie can relate, admitting he used to live with his parents until not long ago. Mandy says it’s weird that whenever you live at home, no matter how old you are, you feel like a teenager. Georgie agrees, it did feel that way. After Georgie introduces himself, Mandy tells him her name and says she’s about to put her underwear in the machine. After Georgie says, as a gentleman, he isn’t going to look. As Mandy loads the machine, Georgie takes a peek anyway.

As Sheldon and Missy watch TV, Mary arrives home and tells the twins she has something fun for them to do over the weekend. When Mary mentions the church, Sheldon groans and Missy says no. Mary tells them to hold on, as she explains the church will be having a lock-in with pizza and movies. Missy is excited that it will be a boy-girl sleepover, and goes to look for cute pajamas. After Mary turns to Sheldon for his view, he says “Disrupting my sleep schedule to fraternize with children my own age?” They both know the answer, Sheldon claims. Mary figured, but she wanted to make sure. Mary says she could use someone as her eyes and ears if the kids get to causing trouble. Sheldon wonders if she’s asking him to help enforce the rules and police the other children? As Mary explains she wouldn’t put it quite like that, Sheldon jumps in to say if she did he would be in. “Then what you said”, Mary tells Sheldon, who rushes off to choose his pajamas.

When Mandy returns to the laundromat, Georgie is surprised she’s back so soon. Mandy asks what he knows about getting red wine stains out of rayon. Georgie suggests letting it soak first. That works? Georgie admits he doesn’t know, saying that’s his answer to every laundry question. After Georgie asks her what she did in San Antonio, Mandy explains she was a local weather girl, on air every morning at 5:30. Mandy jokes that more people are seeing her there. After Georgie wonders what happened, Mandy explains she and the station manager broke up, so now his new girlfriend gets to be on TV at 8:30. Mandy admits she’s now just hoping she won’t run into anyone she knew from high school. Georgie thinks she’s safe, pointing to an older woman who is actually one of their younger customers. After Mandy jokes it’s a great place to meet girls, Georgie points out he met her there.

As George watches TV and drinks a beer, Mary walks into the den holding sleeping bags. Mary tells George it’s his last chance to come along and chaperone. George is unimpressed by the idea of spending the night in a church with a bunch of other people's kids. Mary points out Pastor Jeff and Pastor Rob will be there, too. George jokes that it's hard to say no to, but he manages it anyway. After Mary tells George it’s his loss, she shouts to ask Missy to tell Billy they’re leaving in two minutes. George’s interest picks up when he hears Billy’s going. After George asks if Brenda Sparks is going to be a chaperone, Mary says Brenda was even less interested than he is. George chuckles and suggests that’s not possible. As Mary walks out, George ponders being alone for the night with Brenda across the street

At the church, Pastor Jeff tells Mary he has already confiscated shaving foam, stink bombs and a PG-13 movie, Dirty Dancing, which is redundant as he thinks all dancing’s dirty. Mary says it’s a good job they’ve got eyes on the inside, and looks over at Sheldon who is hiding in plain sight among the other kids. After Pastor Rob walks in, he gets things started with a prayer circle. As Rob takes Mary’s hand, she nervously calls for Pastor Jeff to get in there between them. Sheldon insists he’s neither holding hands, nor praying. In fact, he wonders why he came over there at all. As Rob says a prayer, asking the Heavenly Father to help them rock this night of fellowship, everyone except Sheldon says amen. After Rob jokes that God didn’t hear them, they say it more loudly. When Sheldon says God can’t hear them since he isn't real, Rob asks them to say it again one more time for Sheldon, who covers his ears.

Back home, George is watching baseball on the TV when he looks over at the phone. George tries to focus by drinking and turning back to the TV, but he keeps glancing over at the phone. When Brenda Sparks answers her phone, George remains silent on the other end, before rushing to hang up.

As the kids watch a film at the church, Billy tells Missy he’s seen this movie before. They’re big now, but they’re gonna be small. Missy’s not surprised, given it’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Billy whispers to Missy that he’s there for her if she gets scared. Terrific, Missy says flatly. Pastor Jeff goes to the other chaperones to tell them the bad news: his baby’s got a fever and he needs to go home. Rob assures him they have a handle of things. After Peg offers to go with Jeff, Mary insists it’s a three-person job. Rob chuckles and says if you say so.

At the laundromat, Georgie and Mandy are talking to each other as they sit on the dryers. Georgie argues a good thing about working there is he always smells like dryer sheets, which is an improvement compared to how he used to smell. When Mandy’s dryer finishes, she guesses she’s done. Georgie says the machines don’t always get everything dry on the first run, and offers her another spin on him. After Georgie sets the dryer up, he offers to take Mandy out to dinner while it runs. When Mandy asks how old he is, Georgie’s only thought is to not say 17, so he replies “old enough.” Old enough to what, Mandy wonders, drink? Yes, ma’am, Georgie says. After hearing “ma’am”, Mandy wonders how old he thinks she is. Georgie says he’s old enough to know that’s a trap, so he comes out and asks her how old she is. After Mandy says she’s 25, Georgie says he’s 21. Mandy admits she was worried he was 19, but Georgie promises her he’s not 19.

When George answers the phone, he breathes a sigh of relief when it turns out to be Meemaw and not Brenda. Meemaw asks if his power is out. “No, is yours?”, George wonders. Of course it’s out, Meemaw tells George in response to his “stupid” question. Meemaw figures it must be a problem on her side of the street. After George suggests she come over so she doesn’t have to sit around in the dark, Meemaw insists she’s good. When Meemaw says she’s got candles and is gonna get takeout, George offers to come over, but Meemaw quickly shoots him down. After Meemaw hangs up, George stares at the phone again before picking it up. “Hey, it’s George. You want to grab a drink?” As he eats a bucket of chicken in his underwear, Principal Petersen says he’s a little busy, but why not.

When Pastor Rob walks over to Billy Sparks and Sheldon to ask how they are tonight, Billy whispers to Sheldon to be cool. Pastor Rob asks if they’re planning on throwing any water balloons at the girls later. Billy insists not, but Pastor Rob picks up his backpack and finds a water balloon. As Pastor Rob confiscates the bag, Billy wonders how the pastor knew. Sheldon suggests God told him.

When Mary goes over to Missy and her girl friends, she asks what they’re reading. Christian Teen, Missy says, adding that it’s a good one. When Mary grabs the magazine, she finds another magazine, Sassy, hidden behind it. After Missy wonders how Mary knew, Mary says she’s her mother and she knows everything. After Mary returns the Christian magazine, Missy discards it and notices Sheldon smiling as he watches her. Sheldon quickly looks away as Missy tuts her head.

When Mary goes over to Pastor Rob and Peg, she asks what they’ve confiscated so far. A backpack full of water balloons, Rob says, before asking Mary what she found. Sassy magazine. Uh-oh, says Rob. After Peg holds up a Walkman she found, Mary points out the kids are allowed to have that. Peg says it’s her now. Meanwhile, Missy goes over to Sheldon and Billy and suggests playing “sardines”. Missy explains it’s a game where someone hides and it’s everyone else’s job to find them. Sheldon thinks that sounds like an acceptable form of fun, but Missy says it’s only fun when you have a really good hider, so not him. Sheldon is offended and insists he’s an excellent hider. Does she know how many small places he’s been stuffed into in his life? Missy tells Sheldon to go hide while they close their eyes and count to 20. As Sheldon runs off, Billy starts counting out loud, much to Missy’s bemusement.

At a Mexican restaurant, Mandy notices Georgie looking at a woman at the takeout counter. Georgie explains it’s his meemaw, who owns the laundromat where he’s supposed to be working right now. After collecting her order, Meemaw walks over. “Funny seeing you here”, says Meemaw. Georgie says he’s just taking a little dinner break, and introduces Meemaw to his friend Mandy. Georgie is nervous when the waitress comes over with their order of two Margaritas. Meemaw smiles at Georgie and mentions she loves their margaritas. Georgie notes that he’s driving, so he’ll probably just have a sip or two. Off Meemaw’s continued smile, Georgie says “Or none. I’m pretty full on chips.” Meemaw chuckles and mentions that Georgie is such a responsible young man. After Georgie says this was fun, Meemaw insists it was for her. As she gets ready to leave them, Meemaw pats Georgie’s arm, gently at first and with a tougher knock as she goes.

As they walk into the dingy bar of the bowling alley, Principal Petersen tells George it’s an interesting choice. George says he just wanted a change of pace. Well, other than the smell and the noise, Petersen says he’s picked a winner. When George spots Brenda over by the bar, he waves over and then introduces her to his friend, Tom. George thought Brenda usually hangs out at Nate’s, but Brenda tells him she thought that was more his place. After Petersen jokes that tonight George brought him to this dump, George explains that Brenda works there. An embarrassed Petersen simply says cool.

Brenda tells Tom it was nice meeting him, and says she’ll let them enjoy their night. George is uncomfortable when Petersen suggests Brenda join them. Brenda insists she wouldn’t want to intrude, but George suggests they might be leaving soon. Petersen reminds George that he made him put on pants and leave the house, so he’s at least getting a beer out of this. After George says fine, Petersen offers to buy them a round. While Tom goes to the bar, George tells Brenda it’s kind of funny he came there tonight to avoid seeing her and she must have had the same idea. Hilarious, insists Brenda.


When Mary and Pastor Rob go to a backroom, Mary tells him to put the confiscated goods in the filing cabinet. As Pastor Rob finds a few packs of cigarettes in the drawer, Mary explains that they weren’t confiscated, they’re Pegs. When Pastor Rob says it takes him back, Mary is surprised to learn he used to smoke. Rob admits he started smoking in college to make himself look older. He’s glad he quit, though, as it’s a disgusting habit. It is, Mary agrees, though she does miss it. After Mary admits it wasn’t that long ago, Rob confesses it’s the same for him. He last smoked when he started this job as he was pretty stressed-out. When Rob asks Mary when she last smoked, she says Wednesday. Pastor Rob points out there’s also a lighter with the cigarettes.

Back in the main room, Billy Sparks wonders if Peg is asleep or dead. As Missy walks over to check, Peg snores in her sleep. Missy says she’s not dead, but Billy still thinks she looks dead. A gruff Peg wakes up and declares she’s not dead. Meanwhile, Sheldon is hiding among the vestments. After hiding for 22 minutes, Sheldon says to himself that this must be a record.

As Georgie and Mandy make out in his car, she says there’s something she’s got to tell him before this goes any further. Mandy admits she wasn’t completely honest about her age. She’s actually 29. Georgie says there’s something he should tell her, too. He’s totally fine with that.

As Mary and Pastor Rob smoke cigarettes out in the parking lot, Mary wonders if this is wrong. Pastor Rob asks if she means how much they’re enjoying this. Yes, Mary says, as they both laugh. Pastor Rob points out that’s the nice thing about being Christians, they can ask for forgiveness. Mary says you have to mean it, but Pastor Rob argues when he wakes up with that taste in the morning he will mean it. After Mary says it reminds her of being young, Pastor Rob wonders if she can remember her first cigarette. Mary says it was in eight grade, she snuck it out of her mom’s purse, and it was a menthol. After Mary asks Pastor Rob the same question, he says freshman year of college, he was trying to impress a girl, and he threw up so much.

Back at the bar, Brenda Sparks is telling Petersen about Billy. Brenda jokes that Petersen will be seeing Billy at the high school in three, four or five years. George tells Petersen he’s already met Billy, at the poker game. The big kid? Petersen says he loved him. When Petersen wonders where George has been hiding Brenda, George insists he hasn’t been hiding her. After Petersen goes to get another round, George tells Brenda he’s going to go. She softly asks him not to go, but George insists he needs to. Brenda offers to go instead, but George points out that she's having fun. After Brenda wonders if George is mad at her, George says no and walks away.

As George drives home, the song “Pride and Joy” comes on the radio. As George stops at an intersection and listens to the words of the song, he changes his indicator light and heads off in the other direction. When he pulls up in the church parking lot and gets out of the truck, he sees Mary and Pastor Rob laughing as they sit and smoke cigarettes on the curb. George gets back into his truck and drives off.

When Mary and Pastor Rob return, they ask Peg how it’s going. Last time she checked, everyone was alive, Peg says. Mary looks around and wonders where Sheldon is. Huh, Peg says. Later, as Mary and Rob search for him, Sheldon is asleep on the floor beneath the vestments? Adult Sheldon says that night began his winning streak at sardines. Every lock-in, every birthday party, someone suggested they play, and he won every time. He’s the king of sardines.

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