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511 - A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

Aired Thursday, January 13, 2022
A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit

Sheldon acts as Mary's spy during a youth lock-in at church. Also, Georgie is attracted to an older woman, Mandy (Emily Osment).

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Pastor Rob: Question. Y'all ever had a youth lock-in?
Mary: Oh. No. Whenever we talk about it, Pastor Jeff shoots it down.
Pastor Rob: Why? Kids love sleepovers. Doing it here shows them church can be fun.
Mary: I don't know. The Methodists did it last year. They're still cleaning up Silly String.

Pastor Jeff: Lock-in? I love it!
Pastor Rob: Look at that.
Mary: You always say no.
Pastor Jeff: That was before I had a baby in the house. I love him, but a night away sounds like magic.

Pastor Rob: Hey, you want to chaperone with me?
Mary: Oh. Uh... I don't know.
Pastor Rob: Come on. We'll pull an all-nighter. It'll be fun.
Pastor Jeff: Yeah, Mary. Don't be such a lame-o. [Rob chuckles]
Mary: I'm not a lame-o. I'm a fun-o.
Pastor Jeff: So you're in?
Mary: You betcha.
Pastor Rob: All right. Fun-o is in. We got ourselves a lock-in to plan.

George Jr.: Need a hand?
Mandy: This thing ate my quarters, and now it's stuck.
George Jr.: That tends to happen with number seven. What you want to do is a push-pull.
Mandy: And here I was just pushing like a damn fool. [chuckles]

George Jr.: I ain't seen you in here before.
Mandy: Oh, I just moved back from San Antonio.
George Jr.: Oh, big city girl.
Mandy: Well, now I'm "living back with my parents" girl.
George Jr.: That's all right. I lived with my folks not too long ago.
Mandy: Isn't it weird? Whenever you live at home, no matter how old you are, you feel like a teenager.
George Jr.: It did feel that way.

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