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117 - Jiu-jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo

Aired Thursday, April 5, 2018
Jiu-jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo

When Sheldon is bullied by an unlikely character, Mary and George disagree on how to handle the situation.

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Adult Sheldon: The perilous journey from the bus stop to my front door was 97.5 meters. FYI, insisting on using the metric system in East Texas is another reason I was hunted by predators.

Meemaw: I bowled a new high score last night.
George Sr.: Nice.
Meemaw: I got two turkeys.
Missy: What's a turkey?
Meemaw: It's three strikes in a row.
Missy: Why do they call it a turkey?
Meemaw: Well, when they first invented bowling, they used to just throw frozen turkeys at the pins. Eventually, they switched to balls to cut down on the smell.
George Sr.: Why you lying to her?
Meemaw: I find it keeps my mind sharp.

Mary: Georgie, I need to talk to you, and wake up, you're gonna be late.
George Jr.: Got it covered. I sleep in my clothes.

Mary: Look, somebody has been picking on your brother. You know anything about it?
George Jr.: No.
Mary: You better not be covering for anybody.
George Jr.: I'm not. Most kids at school ignore him, and the girls all think he's cute. It's kind of annoying.

Mary: Well, I need you to look after him.
George Jr.: Why?
Mary: Because I'm your mother, and I'm asking you nicely.
George Jr.: What if I don't want to?
Mary: I don't care, you're doing it.
George Jr.: How was that nice?

Featured Music

  • Hackney Carriage
    Cedric King-Palmer

    Hackney Carriage Opening scene: Predator vs. Prey.

  • Fix Me
    Black Flag

    Fix Me Sheldon ducks for cover as the kids on the school bus rage out of control.

  • It Takes Two
    Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock

    It Takes Two Montage of Sheldon practicing his Jui-jitsu moves on Tam in gym class.

  • Girl You Know It's True
    Milli Vanilli

    Girl You Know It As Missy dances with Bobbi and Billy Sparks.

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