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607 - A Tougher Nut and a Note on File

Aired Thursday, November 10, 2022
A Tougher Nut and a Note on File

After Missy sells a comic book which Sheldon was desperate to obtain, he has the idea of a searchable database of comic book inventory. Meanwhile, Georgie and Mandy unexpectedly run into her parents, Jim and Audrey.

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Episode Notes

  • Title Reference: "A Tougher Nut" refers to Georgie's description of Mandy's mother, Audrey, and "a Note on File" refers to Sheldon's attempt to reserve a comic book.
  • Opening Credits Sequence: Sheldon is dressed in his normal clothes as a black cow with horns approaches the family.


Quote from Dr. Linkletter

Sheldon: Too bad there's not a comic book database so I could search through it and find what I'm looking for.
Dr. Linkletter: Well, CERN has something similar. You can search a database of scientific papers.
Sheldon: But there's no database for comic books.
Dr. Linkletter: You should make one. Somewhere else.
Sheldon: Mmm, sounds like a lot of work.
Dr. Linkletter: Or does it sound like a lot of fun? Go find out.
Sheldon: Do you want to do it with me?
Dr. Linkletter: Only if you share credit, and my name comes first.
Sheldon: Never mind. [exits]
Dr. Linkletter: I knew that would work.

Quote from Missy

Sheldon: Why would New Mutants be next to New Teen Titans?
Missy: Because they both start with "New"?
Sheldon: But one's Marvel and the other's DC. Would you put Aquaman and Sub-Mariner next to each other?
Missy: I don't know, they could talk about fish.

Quote from Adult Sheldon

Adult Sheldon: In the world of collecting, I'm what's known as a completist. For example, I own every gauge of model train from the mighty "G," to the tiny "T." Look at how cute it is, I just want to eat it up. However, the downside of being a completist is when something's missing, it's like an itch you can't scratch, even if you own a complete set of Justice League back scratchers... which I do. In this case that itch was the comic book issue Doom Patrol and Suicide Squad Special #1.

Quote from Missy

Sheldon: What do you mean, you sold it?
Missy: Somebody gave me money, and I gave them the comic book. That's kind of how things work here.

Quote from Meemaw

George Jr.: Were you mad at Mom for getting pregnant?
Meemaw: Oh, yeah.
George Jr.: Did you stop talking to her?
Meemaw: Hell no, I wanted her to hear how pissed off I was. But all that being mad at her just was a waste of time.
George Jr.: What made you come around?
Meemaw: I guess you showing up.
George Jr.: I do have a natural charm, don't I?
Meemaw: You did, and then you learned to talk.

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Episode Trivia

  • What is Sheldon's bedtime?
    • 8:00
    • 9:30
    • 9:00
    • 8:30
  • What drink did President Hagemeyer give Sheldon a dollar to buy?
    • Capri Sun
    • Yoo-hoo
    • Squeezit
    • Sunny Delight
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