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101 - Pilot

Aired Monday, September 25, 2017
: Pilot

9-year-old Sheldon Cooper is a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science but learns that isn't always helpful growing up in East Texas, a land where church and football are king.

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Sheldon: I was exploring dimensional kinematics.
George Jr.: Admit it. He's adopted.
Sheldon: How can I be adopted when I have a twin sister? Think, monkey, think.

Adult Sheldon: I've always loved trains. In fact, if my career in theoretical physics hadn't worked out, my backup plan was to become a professional ticket taker. Or hobo. And when I figured out that trains allowed me to figure out Newton's first law, I felt like Neil Armstrong on the moon. Alone and happy.

Sheldon: (Observing the older kids outside the High School) Oh dear.

Mary: How about we lose the bow-tie?
Sheldon: Why?
Mary: Look around, honey. No one else is wearing one.
Sheldon: Perhaps I'll start a fad.

Mary: That's enough. Now, let's pray.
Sheldon: A moment please.
George Sr.: Hmm.
Mary: Leave him be.
George Sr.: He can hold hands with his family. It won't kill him.
Sheldon: We don't know that.

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