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Jon Favreau is an American actor, comedian, director, screenwriter and producer. For his acting work, he is best known for his roles in films including The Break-up, Couples Retreat and for playing Happy Hogan in the Marvel film universe. As a director, Favreau is perhaps best known for his work on Elf and the Iron Man series of movies.

Favreau's acting credits also include roles in films such as Rudy, Swingers (which he wrote), Very Bad Things, The Break-up, Couples RetreatChef (which he directed), and The Wolf of Wall Street.

On television, Favreau had a recurring role in the third season of Friends as Monica's boyfriend, Pete. He has also made guest appearances on shows including Seinfeld, Chicago Hope, The Sopranos, The King of Queens, Monk and Entourage. Favreau has lent his voice to characters on Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Along with Elf and the Iron Man movies, Favreau also directed Made, Zathura: A Space Adventure, Cowboys & Aliens, and the 2016 film The Jungle Book. Favreau is currently working on a live action version of The Lion King and a sequel to The Jungle Book. On television, Favreau has directed episodes of In Case of Emergency, The OfficeAbout a Boy, The Orville, and now Young Sheldon.

 Jon Favreau has written or directed 1 episode of Young Sheldon.

  1. Pilot

    101. Pilot

    Aired September 25, 2017


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