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301 - Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes

Aired Thursday, September 26, 2019
Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes

With Dr. Sturgis still in a psychiatric hospital, Mary worries about Sheldon's mental health and whether a similar outcome is in his future. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to earn money by selling Texas snow globes.

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Episode Notes

  • Title Reference: "Quirky Eggheads" refers to Meemaw's description of Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis, "Texas Snow Globes" refers to Georgie's scheme.
  • Opening Credits Sequence: Sheldon is dressed in his normal clothing as a cow approaches the family.
  • This episode is the first to feature a new opening credits sequence with the entire cast.
  • Sheldon mentioned Nikola Tesla and the pigeon on an episode of The Big Bang Theory, in which Sheldon was concerned about his own mental health. [910]
  • Young Sheldon co-creator Chuck Lorre wrote the theme song to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Quote from Missy

Adult Sheldon: I've always felt the world of subatomic particles would make an excellent video game. Uh, fortunately, thanks to my brain, I've been playing it for years.
Sheldon: You cheeky little muon, you know you don't belong there.
[As Mary turns to missy]
Missy: Don't look at me. He's your kid.

Quote from Sheldon

Mary: I was just letting you know that if you were having any problems you could come to me with them.
Sheldon: You think I have mental problems?
Mary: Well, not problems. I'm just worried about your future, and when I see you moving subatomic particles around in the air, that makes-
Sheldon: Subatomic particles are real! You talk to an invisible man in the sky who grants wishes. If anyone's mental, it's you.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: [to Mary] I am behaving no differently than I ever have. Why are you suddenly so worried about me?
Dr. Goetsch: That is a valid question. Has anything changed recently?
Sheldon: Maybe it's hormonal. When does menopause typically begin?
Mary: It is not my hormones.
Sheldon: Well, it certainly isn't mine. I'm showing no signs of puberty.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Mother?
Mary: Yes?
Sheldon: Is it okay if I use a knife to butter my toast, or are you worried I'll do something crazy with it?
Mary: You can butter your own toast.
Sheldon: Oh, good. You see the toast, too. I was afraid I was imagining it.

Quote from Sheldon

Mary: Shelly? Shelly? Everything okay?
Sheldon: [nasally voice] Hunky-dory. Why?
Mary: Well, you're kind of dressed like you kidnapped yourself.
Sheldon: Oh, I'm trying to block out sensory input. I hit a roadblock determining whether virtual particles have a fixed mass or violate momentum conservation. But then I remembered that Nikola Tesla believed that isolation is where ideas are born.
Mary: Who's Nikola Tesla?
Sheldon: One of the most prolific scientists of the 20th century.
Mary: Okay. And, um just out of curiosity, how isolated was he?
Sheldon: Oh, highly. He found human contact revolting.
Mary: [sigh] Well, that's kind of a lonely way to live, don't you think?
Sheldon: Well, he wasn't entirely alone. At the end of his life, he became good friends with a brown pigeon.

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Featured Music

  • Salesman
    The Monkees

    Salesman As Georgie successfully goes house-to-house selling Texas Snow Globes.

  • Snow
    Irving Berlin

    Snow As Georgie throws the money he earned selling snow globes up in the air.

Episode Trivia

  • Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle did Missy describe as the hot one?
    • Leonardo
    • Raphael
    • Donatello
    • Michelangelo
  • At the bookstore, Mary bought a book of which comic strip?
    • Snoopy
    • Dennis the Menace
    • Dick Tracy
    • Garfield

Episode Recap

As Adult Sheldon says some people are natural born worriers, Mary carries a laundry basket into Sheldon’s room where she finds him sitting on the bed wearing a blindfold over his eyes, a clip over his nose, ear muffs and mittens over his hands. When Mary asks if everything’s okay, Sheldon explains he’s just trying to block out sensory input. Sheldon mentions that Nikola Tesla did something similar. Sheldon admits Tesla did live a highly isolated life, until he befriended a brown pigeon at the end of his life.

As Mary joins Meemaw in her kitchen, she asks her mother whether she’s heard from Dr. Sturgis since his breakdown. Meemaw hasn’t and says the hospital is still holding him for observation. When Mary asks if she saw any warning signs about John’s mental health in the year they were together, Meemaw says she just thought he was another cute, quirky egghead, like Sheldon. Meemaw wonders when Mary’s going to tell Sheldon the truth, but Mary says only when the time is right.

Back home, as Missy watches a football game on TV with her father, George tries to explain the rules to her. Missy finds the terminology confusing, prompting George to say that’s how he feels when she talks about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When Georgie comes to ask if he  would like to be rich, George tells him to go away. George doesn’t want to give his son any money, but Georgie says he’ll regret it. Georgie has had the idea of re-selling Texas snow globes from a store that’s going out of business. Georgie insists he doesn’t need his father’s money, although he admits he would rather lose George’s money than his own.

As Sheldon lays on his bed with his eyes closed, he pictures the world of subatomic particles and moves them around with his fingers. Mary and Missy watch on as Sheldon talks to a “cheeky little muon”. Later, Mary visits a bookstore and looks at a guide to children’s mental health. At the checkout counter, the elderly cashier starts reading all titles aloud as he enters them into the register. Mary tries to distract him by picking up a book light at the counter, but he goes on to loudly ask if she still wants the “crazy kid” book. Elsewhere, Georgie picks up a bunch of the Texas snow globes at the card store. Georgie successfully barters with the cashier for a discount on the snow globes.

As George sleeps in bed, Mary is making use of the book light to read the mental health guide. She wakes George up to mention that the book is making her worried about Sheldon. Mary points out Sheldon and Dr. Sturgis have a lot in common, but George argues that just because they’re both super smart doesn’t mean they’re the same person.

As Mary drives Sheldon to school, he wonders why she isn’t also taking Missy. Mary says she thought it might be nice for them to chat. When Mary asks Sheldon if he ever sees or hear things that other people can’t, Sheldon says it happens all the time and that right now he can hear the car antenna vibrating at the same frequency of the pistons. Mary tries to move on and ask Sheldon if he ever feels paranoid, like people are out to get him. Sheldon points out he’s a ten-year-old in high school, so people are out to get him. Mary says if she was having those kinds of thoughts, it would trouble her. Sheldon asks if that’s something that’s been concerning her lately. Mary says it has lately. Later at school, Sheldon goes to the library to check out a book on mental health as he believes his mother is unraveling.

In the school library, Ms. Hutchins leads Sheldon to a few books which he might find helpful. Elsewhere, Georgie approaches a house in the neighborhood with his box of Texas snow blobes. After Mr. Bustifer finally opens up, Georgie gets ready to make his sales pitch, but Mr. Bustifer shuts the door before Georgie has a chance to explain. Georgie doesn’t make any more headway at Mrs. Krawcynski’s house. Finally, Georgie tries his luck at Meemaw’s house.

Back home, Mary and Sheldon are both reading their mental health books, growing increasingly worried about the other. At dinner, Mary is concerned as she watches Sheldon separating his peas and carrots from each other. After Meemaw apologizes to Georgie for giving him the boot, Missy mocks him for not selling a single snow globe. George comes to his son’s defense saying he showed initiative. When George goes on to say the snow globe idea was silly, Georgie insists he will sell all the snow globes. Knowing it will annoy George, Meemaw says she will buy two now. Mary doesn’t like them making fun of each other and says dinner table should be a safe space. As Mary says grace and asks God to keep them all in good health, body and mind, Sheldon wonders why Mary was looking at him.

When Sheldon walks by the kitchen during the night, he Mary reading at the table. Sheldon explains he couldn’t sleep and wonders why his mother’s up. Mary explains she was also unable to sleep. When Sheldon asks if she has insomnia from anxiety, Mary wonders if that’s what he has. When Mary asks Sheldon what he’s anxious about, he says her mental health. As Mary explains she was just letting him know if he had any problems he could come to her for help, Sheldon is hurt that she thinks he has mental problems. Mary says seeing him move subatomic particles around in the air made her nervous. A defensive Sheldon points out subatomic particles are real, arguing that if anyone is crazy it’s Mary who talks to an “invisible man in the sky”. When George comes to see what’s going on, Sheldon says his mom thinks he’s crazy.

At breakfast the next morning, Sheldon asks Mary whether he’s allowed to use a knife to butter his toast or if she’s worried he’ll do something crazy with it After Meemaw asks what’s going on, Sheldon explains his mother believes he’s mentally unstable. Sheldon mentions that since there’s a genetic element and he is Mary’s child, he supposes it’s possible. Mary says even though he’s angry right now, he will not be disrespectful. George once again says that’s enough.

Wearing a smart shirt and tie, Georgie walks up the path of another neighborhood house with his snow globes in a duffel bag. After he knocks on the door, Georgie tells the man he’s selling Texas snow globes. Mr. Strover says he has enough junk in his house, but Georgie asks if he loves Texas. After he says he does, Georgie goes on to ask who doesn’t like snow, sleds and snowball fights. Mr. Strover reminisces about the time it snowed hard in Medford when he was a kid. Georgie listens as Mr. Strover talks about building a snow fort with his brother. When Mr. Strover admits he hadn’t thought about that day in a long time, Georgie says it could be one shake away for just $5. After Mr. Strover agrees to buy a snow globe, Georgie suggests getting another one for his brother.

In the waiting room of the family psychiatrist, Sheldon says he doesn’t see the point in this when he could be at home doing something productive with the blindfold and mittens. After Mary suggests Sheldon mention the blindfold and mittens to the doctor, Sheldon says he might instead mention that Mary thinks God talks to her. Mary insists He does and right now He’s telling her she should wash Sheldon’s mouth out with soap. Meanwhile, Georgie continues going house-to-house selling the snow globes, getting people talking about their snow-filled memories.

In Dr. Goetsch’s office, Sheldon argues he was acting no differently than he ever had, so he wants to know why his mother is suddenly so worried about him. Dr. Goetsch says mothers sometimes look for issues with their children so they can feel more needed. After Mary insists that’s not what’s happening here, Sheldon asks what is happening then. Mary tells him the truth about Dr. Sturgis and how he’s in a psychiatric hospital. Sheldon realizes that since they’re both gifted, Mary is worried he will end up like John. Sheldon tells Mary he’s sorry he causes her so much worry, but Mary says she isn’t as it’s her job to worry about him. Sheldon and Mary hug things out, while Dr. Goetsch tries to take credit.

Back home, Missy is teaching George about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When Georgie returns home, he asks George if he remembers his “silly idea”. After George admits he does, Georgie says “Guess what? It’s snowing.” as he throws all the money he’s earned up in the air.

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