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  • Bad Medicine

    Bad Medicine

    Featured in the episode

    Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia

    Aired December 21, 2017

    When George makes a deal with Sheldon to help Georgie prepare for a math test, Sheldon is the one who learns a surprising lesson from his brother.

  • Born To Be My Baby

    Born To Be My Baby

    Featured in the episode

    A Nuclear Reactor and a Boy Called Lovey

    Aired January 17, 2019

    After George complains about his electricity bill, Sheldon sets about building a small nuclear reactor. Meanwhile, Meemaw is worried that she won't appear smart when Dr. Sturgis invites her to be his plus-one at a university event, and Georgie is upset to learn that Veronica has a boyfriend.

  • Livin' on a Prayer


    Featured in the episode

    Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary

    Aired March 7, 2019

    Sheldon takes inspiration from the rock star he admires the most, Albert Einstein, and decides to learn to play the violin. Meanwhile, Mary seeks guidance when she thinks she may be pregnant.