Next Season

Will there be a fourth season of Young Sheldon?

 Yes. CBS has renewed the show for a fourth season.

In February 2019, CBS renewed Young Sheldon for a further two seasons, taking the show through to its fourth season in 2020/21.

When will the fourth season premiere?

 November 2020 or later.

On August 26, 2020, CBS announced that due to production delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic that its original fall programming, including the fourth season of Young Sheldon would not be ready for broadcast in September, when the new season usually starts.

CBS stated that they were hopeful they would be able to start rolling out their fall series in November 2020 as they become available.

When did the third season end?

 April 30, 2020.

Young Sheldon was one of many shows to have its production prematurely halted by the pandemic. The show produced 21 episodes in its third season instead of the planned 22. The third season finale of Young Sheldon aired Thursday, April 30, 2020.

 This page was last updated August 26, 2020.