Hollywood actors join writers on strike

Hollywood actors join writers on strike

Hollywood actors are now joining striking writers on the picket line, effectively halting the production of scripted content.

Starting from Friday, 160,000 television and movie actors will be on strike after their union, SAG-AFTRA, approved a strike on Thursday. Negotiations for a new contract with the major studios ended without a deal.

The actors' union has been in discussions with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), the group that represents major studios and streaming services, since June 7th. Although the previous contract expired on June 30th, it was extended for two weeks to allow for further negotiations.

SAG-AFTRA is demanding better working and pay conditions for actors and performers. They are also calling for restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence and actors' likenesses without fair compensation for their work.

The actors have joined the 11,000 members of the Writers Guild of America who have been on strike for two months. This is the first time both groups have been on strike simultaneously since 1960.

The actors and writers share some similar demands, which include higher base pay and benefits, as well as increases to the residuals paid when films or shows are played again, especially on streaming services, which now dominate the media landscape.

With both actors and writers on strike, production of the new season of network TV shows is not expected to get underway in time for the typical September season premiere. Young Sheldon was renewed for a seventh season in 2023/24 as part of a three season deal back in 2021.