Guest Star :: Vernee Watson

Vernée Watson is an American actress known for her recurring roles on shows including Welcome Back, Kotter and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, where she played the mother of Will Smith's character.

Her other TV credits include the sitcoms Carter CountryFoley Square, and a recurring role on Sister, Sister. She has lent her voice to the cartoon series Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, and the comedy series Baby Talk. Watson has also had recurring roles on soap operas including The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, and General Hospital.

She has had made a number of appearances in other Chuck Lorre shows including Grace under Fire, Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, and Mike & Molly.

Watson has appeared in five episodes of The Big Bang Theory since its first episode, playing Nurse Althea, who comes into contact with the group in a variety of medical situations.

 Vernee Watson has guest starred in 2 episodes of Young Sheldon.

  1. Poker, Faith, and Eggs

    103. Poker, Faith, and Eggs as Nurse Robinson

    Aired November 9, 2017

    When Mary takes George to the emergency room, Nurse Robinson is working on the reception and orders a crash cart for George.

  2. A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor

    212. A Tummy Ache and a Whale of a Metaphor as Nurse Robinson

    Aired January 10, 2019

    Nurse Robinson takes care of Sheldon when he is hospitalized.

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